Acrylic gesso, canvas, wood, staples, metal hardware, glass, brochures, html website, youtube videos

deCordova Biennial, deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum

March 12 - April 20, 2014

 During my residency at the deCordova Biennial, I used the Home Depot House to display, design, and demonstrate how to "retrofit" pre-manufactured art canvases through a corporate-pseudonym titled "Retrofit Painting®." Loosely based on the Obama administration's 2009 report Recovery Through Retrofit, I explored the idea that retrofitting paintings can efficiently expand, mobilize, and subsidize the painting industry. Every weekend my fellow employees and I were found around the museum answering questions, demonstrating products, and providing advice on the uses of painting. Our official canvas-constructed aprons signified our role as the "retrofit painting experts." Many of the company's retrofitted canvases were on display, as well as accompanying brochures, streaming D.I.Y. videos on "How to Retrofit Your Painting," and various advertisements.

Retrofit Painting Home Depot House was made possible by:

Special thanks to John C Gonzalez, Lexi Lee Sullivan, Samantha Cataldo, Kate Legg, Liz Leahy, Julie Bernson, Emily Garner, Deborah Lee, Donna Berube, Duy Hoang, Liz Gardner, Lauren Termini, Steve Lewis, Eric Petitti, Sarah Sherman, Jack Wolfe, Misty Cranston Bates, and Eric Balcanoff.