Dorchester Art Project, Boston, MA.
July 28, 2017

When I moved away from Boston in the summer of 2017  the Dorchester Art Project threw a farewell art show for my six year studio residency. I treated the exhibit like a moving sale and hired a local used-car sales dealer to sell every piece I had ever made there. He interrupted reception visitors to pitch deals, bargain, and make under-the-table sales. He would ask impromptu questions such as, "How much cash do you have on you?" "I'll sell this to you for half of what Tom is asking for," "Put a number on how much you like this artwork," "This will be the last time you can afford Tom's work," and "If you aren't going to buy anything then why are you here?" Visitors were confused if I knew him. Once news spread that he was the official art dealer, a trust formed and a convivial barter would partake. By the end of the event he found a home for all the art.